Design And Engineering: How Do These Two Relate?

- Updated on April 9, 2024

Design and engineering are two fields that often go hand in hand. Designers design the products, and engineers design the manufacturing process for those products. However, it is important to know how these two areas relate to one another. In this blog post, we will discuss how design relates to engineering and what designers can do to help their design be more efficient for production purposes.

Yes, design and engineering are both very important in the design process. Designers design products that engineers then design for production purposes.

What is design in engineering?

Design in engineering is the process of designing the product itself. It is how it looks, feels, and operates for its user.

Designers are artists who design with purpose. So, a design in engineering is a design with purpose. The purpose is to design products that are not only appealing to the audience but also useful. So, designers are not just creating pretty things, they design to solve problems.

Designers can create products that are not only visually appealing but profitable for the company who manufactures them. They have a creative mind and come up with new ideas, shapes, colors, etc., in order to design an object that will best suit their needs.

What is engineering?

Engineering is the process of designing and production. It is how someone can manufacture the design of a product in order to create that design.

Engineers take design drawings for a product and figure out how to produce it efficiently. In other words, they design the manufacturing process of a design in order to produce a product that is appealing and functional.

Engineers make it possible for designers to design products. They design the processes, tools, and product design in order to produce that design.

Engineers have a technical understanding of design engineering in order to create the design in a way that is efficient for production. This means designing things that are easy to produce and assemble.

So, design and engineering work hand in hand because without engineers, there would be no design created.

What is the difference between engineering and design?

design vs engineering

Engineers take a design, design it for production, and create the design plan. Designers design something to solve a problem or satisfy an audience, while engineers design how that product they can produce it and design it for efficient manufacturing.

What design and engineering have in common is a need to create something, but design’s sole purpose is for people.

Designers design products that humans or animals will use. Engineers design parts of machines or items that are made from those same products designed by designers. This means engineers follow the instructions given by designers as far as the design is concerned.

Design is the process of creating a plan or drawing for an object. But engineering is the process of making something based on that design.

A designer may be an engineer if he/she understands how to make his/her designs come to life.

The two are different because engineers must have knowledge in many fields including math, physics, and chemistry, while designers need only know about art and creativity.

Engineers work with their hands more often than designers do. They use machines to create objects, whereas designers primarily use pencils, markers, paint brushes, pens, etc.

Designers tend to focus on aesthetics while engineers focus more on function.

Engineers design the process in which someone can manufacture the product, while designers design the product itself. Both have important roles to play, but the design is for people, and engineers design how that design will be manufactured. These two important roles could be summarized as a product design role. If you want to learn what this entails, we recommend you read our article What Is Product Design & How It Affects Your Business?

What do designers need to design in engineering?

Designers need to design for engineers. Designers are the ones who come up with concepts and solutions that will best benefit the customers. But it is up to the engineers to design how someone can create that design.

Designers need to understand what engineering can do for design and design around that. If something looks great but is not practical for production, then someone cannot manufacture it.

Designers need to design their model in a way that is not only appealing but also functional. If the design looks great but does not function well, then it will be hard to sell, and might even be dangerous.

So, design in engineering is an important part of the design process that designers need to understand in order for their design to be as functional and efficient as possible.

What can engineers design in engineering?

Engineers need to design around production. They need to design their design in a way that is cut and dry, not full of frills or useless elements that will make the design more expensive.

Engineers design the design process in which they will create the product. So, they need to make it easy for them to manufacture, not complicated.

Engineers design their model with the end user in mind. They need to design it so that everyone can use it, even if they are not design experts.

Engineers design the model around how someone can make it, not just for aesthetics but likewise for functionalities and comfort of use. So, they create around the design limitations of what they can make in that model.

What type of engineering professionals can design?

Design in engineering is more common than you think. Design engineering is the oldest branch of engineering. But when one person refers to “engineering” they usually mean mechanical, electrical or computer engineering.

Mechanical engineers design automobiles, motorcycles, engines, etc.

Design in engineering also includes other engineers, such as electrical engineers. These design home appliances or office equipment and electrical components and circuitry.

Computer engineering design computers, computer software and other designs that make the internet possible.

Design engineering also includes structural engineers. These design buildings, products that are often free-standing structures housed in buildings and the products normally seen outside of building projects.

It also includes civil engineers. These design structures which are mostly found outdoors, not necessarily in a building. They design bridges, roads, airports.

Also, it includes product engineering, who design products that are not always limited to a building. You can find product design in many places, such as software design for computers, design on clothing, design in appliances and also design in a variety of other ways.

So, design in engineering is more common than one understands, and engineers design the process that someone will follow to create the design.

Engineering designers design their model for efficient construction, making sure that the process or assembly line can produce the design. They do this in a way that the system or assembly line can produce the design in a process that is cost efficient and effective.

So, what is design engineering?

Design engineering is the design in a very early stage of product design. Design engineers design the layout and the design of products before they even start designing for manufacturing design.

Also, they design their model with the idea of how the design will be created in mind. They are making sure that someone can manufacture the design and they make it as cost effective as possible.

What does a design engineer do?

Design engineers design their design around how someone can build it, not only for aesthetics but also for functionalities and ease of use. So, they perform around design limitations of what can be created in that design.

They also design the design process and the layout for efficient manufacturing. This way, they ensure that the machine or assembly line will be competent to produce the design in a way that is cost effective.

Engineers design their design with the end user in mind. They design to make design accessible and understandable for everyone. And then, the engineer or the product engineer takes that design for the product design process to test it, analyze it, and many more.

What is the Engineering Design Process?

design engineering process

The design engineering process is one that starts with design, then product engineers move it to the manufacturing design and then on to testing.

So what are the design engineering design process steps?

The design engineering process starts with design. This is when the design engineer creates the design around how someone can create it, mostly for aesthetics but also functionalities and ease of use. So they create it having in mind some design limitations of what they can make in that design.

Next, product engineers and design engineers will design the way to make it. This includes design specifications, drawings, and documentation for how to create their design. At this stage, design engineering is done.

Finally, the design engineers will create their design. They are now in the build phase of the design engineering process. This is when product engineers will work on putting all the pieces of their design together and make sure it works correctly.

Then they will follow the product engineering design process and take the model through various phases to test it and take all the limitations needed. If the design of this model fails, then they refer to the design engineer. He will have to redesign it from either from scratch or some pieces of it. Then product engineers will take it again through their process.

The design engineering process is a very important part of engineering. Designers might have to work repeatedly on their design.

Final Thoughts On Design And Engineering

Design and engineering are different one to another, but they must co-exist in order to create a product. Designers design the products, and engineers design how to produce them efficiently. Both designers and engineers design to create a design that is functional and beautiful.

Design in engineering is more common than one thinks. When creating a product, both the design engineer and the engineer create the design around design limitations of what they can create in the final design. They need to work together to bring the best results of the product into life.

Both design engineers and product engineers have a role in the engineering design process. Do you need help with engineering and designing your product? Contact us to figure out how we can help!

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Picture of George Petropoulos

George Petropoulos

Founder of Inorigin - Mechanical engineer with passion for bringing innovative products to life with ingenious design strategy.

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